Carey Yang is a certified personal trainer and fitness boot camp instructor based in Denville, Morris County New Jersey. He is the owner and master trainer of Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC — a premier in-home fitness training and lifestyle coaching company serving the Morris County and surrounding Sussex, Passaic, Essex and Somerset County areas in New [...]


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Morris county personal trainer and fitness expert Carey Yang is leading a group fitness training class called “Train Like a Fitness Model Without Being One.”

This 4-session program lets you experience the most effective, time-efficient workouts for fat loss and muscle toning. “Whatever it takes” is the motto.

Yes, you can train and look like a fitness [...]

New Jersey Fitness Expert Launches Online Coaching and Accountability Program for New Year’s Resolution Challenge


New Jersey Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert Carey Yang is launching an online coaching and accountability program called New Year’s Resolution Challenge 2011 to help people overcome their weight loss and fitness challenges and transform their body and lifestyle in year 2011.

DENVILLE, NJ — December 28, 2010 — “If you have been struggling for your [...]

Thanksgiving Day 10 by 100 Rep Challenge Workout


No BS lame excuses. 10 sets by 100 reps workout challenge guarantees burn more fat before Thanksgiving feast.

Giant Set Circuit Training x 10 sets
(Holding a pair of dumbbells)
Squat x 10 reps
Kickback x 10 reps
Mountain Climber x 10 + 10 reps
Pushup x 10 reps
Bent-over Rows x 10 reps
Deadlift x 10 reps
Biceps Curls x 10 reps
Shoulder Press [...]

New Jersey Fitness Expert Carey Yang Launches 100-Day Community Weight Loss Challenge


New Jersey Fitness Expert Carey Yang is launching a 100-Day Weight Loss Challenge to help people get back in shape before New Year 2011.

DENVILLE, NJ — September 20, 2010 — “If you have quit your New Year’s resolutions before the first 100 days of the year, you now have another opportunity to finish your resolutions in the last 100 [...]

Super Friday Muscle Building Workout Lat Triceps Quadriceps


Today’s muscle building workout is not for the wimp.

Superset/Drop Set Combo (4 sets)
- Lat Pulldown @ 10 x 10 reps
- Lat Pulldown @ 6 x 10 reps
- Triceps Extension @ 6 x 10 reps
- Triceps Extension @ 4 x 10 reps

Smith Machine Squat (5 sets)
@ 175# x 10 reps

Leg Extension Combo (3 sets)
- Single [...]

Seven Secrets to Blast That Stubborn Belly Fat


1) Don’t diet to extremes. Reducing calories by 15-20% a day will almost exclusively burn fat while larger cuts in calories will burn a combo of muscle tissue and fat. Muscle drives the metabolism – calorie burning. If you’re currently eating 3000 calories, reduce to 2400-2550, but do so according to smart guidelines.

2) Graze all [...]

Start Fast Finish Strong in 100 Day Challenge


Join Us for the 100 Day Challenge
Beginning on September 22, 2010

We thank you for your interest and look forward to your participation in our next 100 Day Challenge. Enjoy the following video which provides you with an overview of this exciting program.

For more information about 100 Day Challenge and your personal strategic plan visit http://bit.ly/buTskW

TGIF Leg Workout


It’s Friday. It doesn’t mean workout can get easy.

Here is the workout routine for Friday.

Leg extension @ #110 x 10 reps + 5 reps (rest and pause) x 3 sets (as a pre-exhaustion leg/quad exercise)

Superset (4 sets)
- Smith Back Squat @bar + 45/45#10, +70/70X10, +90/90 x 10, x 10
- Dumbbell Biceps Curls @20/20# (inside to [...]

Happy Pre-July 4th Holiday Workout


What a wonder day before the long 4th of July Holiday weekend!

I’m also getting ready for 2 weeks of vacation.

I squeeze in a workout session before packing up.

Superset (4 sets)
- Flat Bench Barbbell Chest Pess @ 135# x 15 x12 x 12 x 10 reps
- Bulgarian Split Squat holding 1-DB # 45# x 10 + [...]

Morris County Personal Trainer Carey Yang Completed 90 Days of Summer Beach Body Fitness Challenge


I can’t believe today is the 90th day since I started 90-day summer beach body fitness challenge.

It started so slow. But time is flying by so quick. I’m getting ready for a few weeks of vacation with my family to visit my parents, in-laws, cousins, nieces, nephews who haven’t seen for years.

Workout Routine:

Superset (4 sets)
- [...]