Carey Yang is a certified personal trainer and fitness boot camp instructor based in Denville, Morris County New Jersey. He is the owner and master trainer of Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC — a premier in-home fitness training and lifestyle coaching company serving the Morris County and surrounding Sussex, Passaic, Essex and Somerset County areas in New [...]


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Spring Forward to Pump Up Dormant Winter Muscles with Morris County NJ Personal Trainer Carey Yang


It’s Spring Forward time today to adjust clock one-hour forward! If the history is the guide, at least one-third people who made their New Year’s weight-loss resolutions would have quit by now according to a study by the University of Scranton.

“There is always a better way. I have helped countless people lose weight, build muscle [...]

Best Exercises to Tone up Flabby Back and Thighs by Morris County In-Home Personal Trainer


For hundreds of thousands of middle-aged Americans having trouble in getting rid of flabby back fat and jiggly thigh fat now can learn from Morris County NJ personal trainer and fitness expert Carey Yang with the simple and most effective 2-in-1 combination toning exercise.

Yang is the owner and master personal trainer at Beyond Fitness [...]

Bodyweight Exercise and Workout System to Burn More Fat in Less time by Denville NJ Personal Trainer


For millions of Americans struggling with their weights, tired of the same old gym workouts and bored with cookie-cutter diet program without seeing results, now they can enjoy a safe and effective rapid fat-loss program with their own bodyweight-based exercises. “It’s your own bodyweight, it’s free and you can do the exercises anytime, anywhere you [...]

Top 3 Myths about Getting Ripped 6 Pack Abs Disputed by Morris County NJ Personal Trainer


Carey Yang, Certified Personal Trainer

The quest to getting a set of ripped 6 pack abs has been a world craze as far and as long as I can remember. The media is so obsessed about the flat stomach or ripped abs image. We’re brain-washed that we gotta have to them be good, fit, and [...]

Fat Burning Strength Circuit Training Workout Routine


Carey Yang, Morris County NJ Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert

Summer is fast approaching. You probably already feel the heat and humidity. It’s never too late to start working out, eating healthy. In fact, you can start any day, any time once you make the decision.

Here is a fat burning mini-strength circuit training [...]

Best Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles and Flabby Back Fat by Morris County NJ Personal Trainer


Top Morris County NJ personal trainer Carey Yang demonstrates the best, most effective, yet challenging bodyweight exercises to get rid of love handles and flabby back fat, and to sculpt flat abs and firm back muscles.

Pullup and Lower Abs Curl by Carey Yang

For thousands of middle-aged men and women frustrated to get rid of [...]

[Video] Most Muscular High Cable Chest Fly Exercise



Morris County NJ personal trainer, fitness bootcamp coach and your dream body workout expert Carey Yang demonstrates how to do high cable chest fly exercise the right way for bodybuilding ripped, chiseled middle and lower chest muscles.

Check your ego at the door. Cable cross-over or fly exercise is a single-joint isolation exercise. You don’t use [...]

Mega Carb Loading Meal-by-Meal Plan to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time

As you may know that to gain muscles or lose fat, you have to eat according to your goal along with proper strength training and aerobic exercises.

One method to consider is mega carb loading plan. If you are a carb lover, you’re in luck today.

With this type of carb loading, you will consume 50% of [...]

Morris County NJ Personal Trainer Carey Yang Shows Superset Workout Routine for Chest and Back Muscles


Denville, Morris County NJ celebrity personal trainer and Fitness expert Carey Yang shows an effective and time-efficient superset workout routine to build chest and lat back muscles by pairing up dumbbell incline press and lat pulldown exercises.

For everyday average Americans struggling with time to work out effectively and efficiently now can learn from Denville, Morris [...]

NJ Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert Carey Yang Shows Most Muscular" High Cable Chest Fly Exercise


Carey Yang, Certified Personal Trainer & Dream Body Expert "Most Muscular High Cable Chest Fly Exercise"

For men and women who want to sculpt ripped and defined chest muscles the right way now can learn om Denville, Morris County NJ personal trainer and Biggest Loser fat camp coach Carey Yang with effective high [...]