Carey Yang is a certified personal trainer and fitness boot camp instructor based in Denville, Morris County New Jersey. He is the owner and master trainer of Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC — a premier in-home fitness training and lifestyle coaching company serving the Morris County and surrounding Sussex, Passaic, Essex and Somerset County areas in New [...]


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Why Personal Trainers Continue the Best Fitness Solution for Baby Boomers and Seniors


Morris County NJ Personal Trainer and Senior Fitness Expert Carey Yang explains why customized exercise and fitness program by personal trainers  is still the best fitness solution for baby boomers and seniors who want to get motivated to exercise safely, feel rejuvenated, correct posture and reduce back pain, improve balance and mobility, and prevent injuries [...]

What’s up with Fitness Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Health Coaching and Personal Training


Denville, Morris County NJ based personal trainer and fitness coach Carey Yang debunks the myths and confusion about fitness coaching, wellness coaching, health coaching and personal training.

Coaching is the latest fitness and weight loss trend. For years people have tried all sorts of exercise programs and diets and failed. Most people realize that they cannot [...]

Leading Morris County NJ In-Home Personal Trainer Launches Virtual Fitness Coaching Program


The leading Morris County in-home personal training company Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC is expanding in-person fitness training, lifestyle coaching and nutrition counseling services to serve clients virtually anywhere, anytime in the world.

Based in Denville, “The Hub of Morris County,” in New Jersey, Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC has been serving clients in-person via physical training and [...]

Top 10 Reasons Why Morris County NJ Best Personal Trainer Carey Yang is the Top Choice for Weight Loss and Fitness


Morris County NJ Personal Trainer Carey Yang

Despite of millions of dollars in educating the public about exercise and diet, Americans are getting overweight and obese every day. In the current trend, over 40% Americans will be obese by year 2030. “This has to stop,” says Carey Yang, a fitness coach, certified personal trainer and owner [...]

Why In-Home Personal Training Works the Best


Denville, Morris County, NJ based personal trainer and owner of Beyond Fitness Solutions Carey Yang explains why in-home personal fitness training is most effective and the best investment to get results for fitness, wellness and weight loss.

For millions of Americans who suffer from perpetual weight-loss disorder, in-home personal training could be the solution. “What I [...]

Morris County NJ Personal Trainer Carey Yang Debunks Myths about Personal Fitness Training


Denville, Morris County NJ-based personal trainer and owner of Beyond Fitness Solutions Carey Yang sets the record straight about personal fitness training compared to group or boot camp style classes in terms of benefits, values, time and cost.

Despite of seemingly popularity of personal fitness training from the Biggest Loser TV show and Hollywood celebrities in [...]

Top 10 Fitness Foods for Trim Waistline


If you want to keep trim waistline, try the following top 10 healthy foods:

The cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated fat in these green health bombs can help keep your body strong and pain free. University of Buffalo researchers found that competitive women runners who ate less than 20 percent fat were more likely to suffer injuries than those [...]

Inspiring Body Transformation Success Story with New Jersy Celebrity Personal Trainer Carey Yang


40 is the new 30. More and more 40 years-old want to lose weight, build lean muscle, and get in great shape. With busy modern work and lifestyle, many turn to in-home personal trainer such as Carey Yang, based on Denville, Morris County, New Jersey, to help them, motivate them, and keep them on track.

“I [...]

How to Beat Summer Heat Without Exhaustion for Your Workout


It’s been a unusually hot summer for most parts of U.S. Some 28 States have declared drought due to persistently hot temperature and lack of rain. Agriculture has suffered. You can expect higher prices for corn and soybean and their derived foods.

Health and fitness is a year-around life-long journey. But it doesn’t mean that you [...]

Cross Training for Fat Loss, Body Conditioning and Injury Prevention


What Is Cross Training? Why Cross Training?

Cross training has been used for years although it’s a relatively new training concept. Athletes have used exercises outside their sports for conditioning due to weather, seasonal change, facility and equipment availability, and injuries. Cross training add many benefits to sports training including injury prevention.

Cross training is one type [...]